About Jerr-Dan

About Jerr-Dan

Jerr-Dan is a member of the Oshkosh Corporation family of companies (NYSE: OSK). Headquartered in Hagerstown, Maryland, we proudly manufacture our vehicles in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania.  Jerr-Dan believes there are few professions that can match the heart and soul of a tow owner/operator. Day after day, night after night, these real-life road warriors rise to meet a world of challenges – the elements, passionate “customers,” aggressive competitors and the many documented dangers of driving – without hesitation or complaint, and without fail. Due to the extreme nature of their job, they have high expectations of themselves and those they work with. This is why Jerr-Dan relentlessly strives to build our trucks to exceed those expectations and promote along the road safety.

The embodiment of grit, the Jerr-Dan team is a group of innovative American craftsmen who challenge one another everyday. With an exceptional eye for detail, many of the most talented designers and engineers in the business, and a track record of success, Jerr-Dan projects confidence with a brand voice that is bold, passionate, and proud in declaring our unabashed love for the business.

For more than 45 years, our family of employees has defined towing and recovery industry standards for performance, reliability and service. We take pride in every vehicle that rolls off our assembly lines because we are Jerr-Dan. Let us know how we can put our pride to work for your business.

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