Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Engagement Program Mission Statement

At Jerr-Dan, our mission is to be a catalyst for change by partnering with our community and aligning our resources to provide support to a variety of organizations. Through charitable contributions, employee involvement and economic development/sustainability efforts, these organizations make an impact in the areas of poverty reduction, support of basic needs and youth mentoring.

Areas of Priority

  • Basic needs for families and youth
    • Food
    • Shelter
    • Economic self-sufficiency
  • Youth mentoring programs
    • Educational
    • Social skills development
    • Behavioral health (drug, suicide and violence prevention)
  • Arts and culture with a direct link to youth and/or basic needs
  • Economic development and sustainability

How to Apply for a Grant or Donation

Download the Access Segment Donation and Sponsorship Request Form and a W9 form. Submit the forms and associated documents electronically to acccommunityengagement@jlg.com or by mail to:

Access Segment Jerr-Dan
Office of Community Engagement
13712 Crayton Boulevard
Hagerstown, Maryland 21742

Deadlines for Grant and Donation Requests*

Applications must be received by these dates for review:

January 10 for February 10 distribution
March 10 for April 10 distribution
May 10 for June 10 distribution
July 10 for August 10 distribution
September 10 for October 10 distribution
November 10 for December 10 distribution
*Requests will only be evaluated outside of the above timeline during events deemed an emergency.

Our Community Engagement Executive Board

This Board meets bimonthly to evaluate donation requests in an effort to provide equality in the distribution of funds across the communities where our teams live, work and play. The Board is led by our president and members of his executive team, along with team members from each location. The Board was established to provide direction and council to our local community engagement teams around the globe, thus ensuring our standards for corporate social responsibility are met.

Team members who serve as board members also lead their local facility’s Community Engagement Council. These councils meet regularly to drive activities in support of our Community Engagement Programs mission.