Parts Promotions

Parts Promotions

Now available through your Tow Support Jerr-Dan Distributor

Quality, Performance and Reliability from Trux Accessories

When it comes to lights, the Trux name is synonymous with quality. Trux is the towing and recovery industry pioneer when it comes to chrome and LED lighting. The company’s name has become synonymous for its innovative, value driven lighting products. As the leading manufacturer in aftermarket LED lighting, Trux Accessories, through its exclusive relationship with Jerr-Dan dealers, can help you customize your truck with lighting that improves safety and productivity on the job.

Available for all make and model towing and recovery equipment.

Trux Worklights

Available in many different sizes and levels of brightness, these lamps offer superior visibility and durable performance for any heavy-duty truck.

Dual LED
Available in OFF, Red S, T&T and White Backup, these LED sourced lights offer a unique look while performing two functions with just one light.

Designed to meet any need, choose from a multi-grade product line of LED headlights, including: Premium, Standard or Economy Grade.

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