Parts Promotions

Parts Promotions

The Jerr-Dan Side Recovery System (also known as SRS) series offers product versatility by adding unparalleled recovery capability to any unit. Get the job done with the industry-leading side recovery system. Available for Jerr-Dan carrier models, this SRS is the strongest and most durable in its class.

Ask your distributor about the following kits to get the most out of your standard duty carrier:

  • SRS-10S – basic model with manual engage/disengage for the winch free-spool
  • SRS-10AFSS – includes air free-spool to engage/disengage the winch
  • SRS-10-CRCS – includes wireless remote that controls all SRS functions plus one carrier function, eliminating the need to carry two remotes
  • 1001211215S – includes both air free-spool and combo wireless remote

Have a heavy-duty wrecker?
Jerr-Dan’s got you covered. Designed specifically for heavy duty wreckers, the SRS-25 and SRS-35 offer maximum pulling capacity and add versatility. On any SRS model, the pivoting recovery boom makes recovery from either side of the vehicle possible. Click here to learn more.

Contact your nearest Jerr-Dan distributor today to place your order.