What is Tow Support?

What is Tow Support?

Tow Support, a new and exciting, hands-on approach to customer service.

Jerr-Dan is devoted to putting their customers’ needs first. Tow Support from Jerr-Dan focuses on supporting customers after the initial purchase, and making it easy for them to do business with the Company’s distributors. This innovative initiative encompasses all aspects of Jerr-Dan customer service including parts, accessories, warranty, technical support, and training.

The Tow Support initiative includes:

  • Parts and Accessories Catalog to keep customers updated on the tools, parts, and accessories that the Company has to offer. From parts to get you back on the road faster, to options that will keep your Jerr-Dan looking great—this catalog contains it all
  • A redesigned version of Jerr-Dan University. The new program will provide online training programs for employees and distributors where they can receive sales, parts and service training.
  • District service managers, to provide customers with a faster and more efficient way to receive the assistance they need. The district service managers’ primary responsibility is to assist in parts business development and warranty/service issues, alongside the company’s Distributors. These service managers are working along with Jerr-Dan’s parts and service staff to provide support on their products in the field.

Tow Support demonstrates Jerr-Dan’s commitment to customers and product lifecycle support. The Tow Support Parts Department is continuously striving to offer new and innovative options to the towing and recovery industry.



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