10 Ton Steel Transporter
Big jobs require versatility, reliability and performance

The ultimate in versatility, reliability and performance, Jerr-Dan’s 10 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Transporter carrier is built to take on your most demanding jobs. Get the most out of your 10 ton Jerr-Dan steel transporter with deck lengths from 24′ through 28′, and deck widths of 96″ and 102″. Deck material is Keruing tropical hardwood, which is known through out the world for its durability and strength.  No-Lube™ slide pads and pivot joints on the subframe drastically reduce maintenance costs over the life of the carrier.

10 Ton Steel Transporter Features

Two winch options:
– 12K winch (Single Manual Free Spool – Shown)
– 20K winch (Dual Sided Air Free Spool)

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