7.5 Ton Steel
Engineered and built to bring you relentless performance

Engineered and built to bring you relentless performance; Jerr-Dan’s 7.5 Ton Steel Carrier.  Options include 22′, 24′, 26′ or 28′ deck lengths and with 15,000 lb. structural capacity. Loading and unloading angles are extremely low because all 7.5 ton carriers have a full 11 feet of slide cylinder stroke, giving you the flexibility to handle mid-size loads as well as cars. The automotive-grade electrical system, standard on all Jerr-Dan carriers, features plug-n-play weather-sealed connectors and wiring. Get the look you want with removable tubular steel or polished aluminum blade rails. The 7.5 ton steel carrier is designed to utilize the full payload capacity of a single rear axle chassis, so you get the most for your money.

7.5 Ton Steel Features

Nylon Cable Chain Hose and Wiring System

Wheel Lift (Option)

Ladder (Option)

Optional Hydraulic Stabilizer with 4,000 lb Wheel Lift

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