3 & 4 Car Carriers
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Removable aluminum side rails (steel bed) make it easier to load an unload disabled vehicles, while multiple key slots combine with an optional Wheel Lift System to allow transport of up to four cars. With an efficient load/unload angle, upper-deck cutouts, and a three-rung stepladder, its easier to access upper-deck hold-down straps for vehicle loads and unloads that are faster, safer, and easier. Lightweight upper decks and steel lower decks are strong. Coupled with Jerr-Dan’s exclusive No-Lube™ technology, these trucks are built for long, working lifecycles, reducing maintenance, saving you time and money.

3 & 4 Car Carriers Features

Low Profile Winch System Allows Flat Alignment Of Upper And Lower Deck

3-Rung Fold Away Step Ladder On The Front Structure

Dual Remote Winch Release Mounted Under-deck For Convenient Operation While Loading And Unloading

Dual Hose Tracking System

Upper Deck Winch, Lights, D-rings With Keyslots (Standard)

Efficient Load/Unload Angle And Vehicle Access

Aluminum Upper Deck Is Strong, Durable And Lightweight

Key Slots (Straight “T”, “X” and
Angled “T”)

Upper Deck Winch Air Free Spool (Standard)

Wheel Lift System Option

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3 & 4 Car Carriers 3 & 4 Car Carriers

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