6 Ton Steel XLP
Overcome even the toughest loading challenges

Overcome even the toughest loading challenges with Jerr-Dan’s steel XLP-6 series available with 21′ and 22′ decks, including dual-angle models. The Steel XLP-6 features a low-profile subframe that lowers the deck height above the frame rail and provides greatly improved load angles. A dual-angle deck has a load angle as low as 7.5 degrees, while a conventional deck produces a load angle as low as 10.0 degrees. All XLP-6 models have a 12,000 lb. deck capacity and can be equipped with a 3,500 lb. wheel lift for extra versatility.

Side Recovery System (Option)

Dual Angle Deck (Option)


Exclusive R.A.I.L.® System (Rear Awareness Indicator Lights) 15 degree angular placement increases horizontal visibility while deck is tilted (Option)

Dual Sided Manual Free Spool


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"I bought my first Jerr-Dan carrier ten years ago. I have never stopped buying them since. It's a great piece of towing equipment."

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