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Clear the Scene Quickly and Confidently

In support of the growing demand of incident management and quick clearance programs around the country, Jerr-Dan now offers three heavy-duty wrecker Tool and Rigging Kits. Choose from the Base Incident Management Package for compliance with programs nationwide, or the Spreader Bar and Rugged Kit to supplement the base package.

Tool and Rigging Kits

Tools to Manage Any Traffic Incident

Jerr-Dan is proud to support incident management and quick clearance programs with three heavy-duty wrecker Tool and Rigging Kits. Developed around the Florida Rapid Incident Scene Clearance (RISC) program, Jerr-Dan’s base Incident Management Package equips towing companies with the proper tools and rigging to rapidly clear the scene of a traffic incident, in compliance with state programs being implemented across the country. As a supplement to your base package, the Spreader Bar and Rugged Kit provide additional tools for sensitive picks and severe-duty jobs.

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Supplemental Kits

Spreader Bar Kit

The spreader bar kit was developed to further supplement the     base package that includes a 112” spreader bar and bridals for sensitive picks.

Rugged Kit

The rugged kit was developed to supplement the base package for customers that require additional rigging, snatch blocks and chains, for those severe-duty jobs including: sea containers, construction equipment, cement mixers and refuse bodies, along with additional recovery equipment and supplies to perform fuel tanker recoveries.

More Innovations

Adjustable Performance Counterweight™ Learn More >>

Adjustable Performance Counterweight™

Provides greater balance and stability for optimal towing performance

  • Fully adjustable from 1700-3600 lbs, based on desired application
  • Adapts to most OEM Class 8 Chassis, retrofits to any brand wrecker
  • Patent Pending modular design simplifies installation and removal
Jerr-Dan Touchlink™ Control Station Learn More >>

Jerr-Dan Touchlink™ Control Station

Provides increased lighting and winch control functionality, with greater ease of use.

  • Two touch pads and a CAN-Bus based system
  • Built-in troubleshooting with indicator lights
  • Water-resistant enclosure for increased durability
S130 Outriggers Learn More >>

S130 Outriggers

Get greater lifting capacity at extreme reach.

  • Increased working envelope
  • Level ride on uneven terrain
  • Greater rear/rear-corner stability
Dual Sided Manual Remote Free‐Spool Learn More >>

Dual Sided Manual Remote Free‐Spool

Enables free-spooling from both sides to promote roadside operator safety.

  • Designed in collaboration with AAA Northeast
  • System will always fail safe into clutch-engaged position
  • Retrofit to any Jerr-Dan carrier with single-sided free-spool
Twin Steer Rotator Learn More >>

Twin Steer Rotator

Get more fuel capacity and improved egress to cab.

  • Reduced overall body length
  • Better weight distribution
  • Tighter turning radius
JFB Rotator Body Series Learn More >>

JFB Rotator Body Series

Engineered For Incident Management

  • Silver and Gold Series
  • 140% More Storage Capacity
  • Wide Variety of Tool Management System Options
  • LED Interior Compartment & DOT Lighting
SRS Learn More >>


The largest, strongest, most versatile system in its class.

  • Easily retrofit to your current vehicle
  • Set up driver or passenger side pulls
  • Create a solid foundation on any type surface
R.A.I.L.® Learn More >>


LED strobe technology provides increased rear visibility.

  • Visibility through dark or inclement weather
  • Minimal distraction for operator
  • Corrosion-resistant mounting bracket
Rigging Carousel Learn More >>

Rigging Carousel

A breakthrough in storage solutions

  • Maximizes efficiency and organization
  • Ergonomic design provides easy access and storage for chains, shackles or snatch blocks
  • Able to be installed on any Rotator and Wrecker

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