25-Ton JFB Integrated
More Tow in Every Ton

Introducing the 25-Ton JFB Wrecker. Available in tandem body configurations, it boasts a 50,000 lb. two-stage wrecker boom with dual 25,000 lb. planetary winches and 200′ of 5/8″ diameter cable per winch and a 28,000 lb. underlift. The JFB polypropylene co-polymer constructed body is weather-tight, low maintenance, and highly impact-resistant. Its independent isolated body design flexes with chassis movement to reduce the wear of extreme-use conditions. Engineered with Jerr-Dan’s exclusive Incident Management-Driven design methodology, the 25-Ton JFB Wrecker delivers more storage, higher visibility, and unmatched reliability. Add the optional 14,000 lb. heavy duty tire lift to maximize its power.

Adjustable Performance Counterweight™

Jerr-Dan Touchlink Control Station

Jerr-dan Touchlink™ Control Station

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