50 Ton JFB Independent
Custom designed to your exact specifications and meets all your expectations

When you know just what you need to get the job done, look no further than Jerr-Dan’s 50 Ton JFB Independent wrecker which gives you the ability to custom design a wrecker to meet your exact specifications. Choose from tandem or tri-axle body configurations, as well as a 100,000 lb. two- or three-stage wrecker boom with dual 50,000 lb. planetary winches and 250′ of 3/4″ diameter cable per winch. Underlift reaches are available from 141″ to 181″ with positive and negative tilt capability. Available options include proportional remote controls, a 25,000 lb. super heavy duty tire lift, a 35,000 lb drag winch and more. Now built with the JFB Body, Jerr-Dan completes the package with more for your business: more towing performance, more storage, more time-saving organization. And the result? More to your bottom line.

50 Ton JFB Independent

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Jerr-dan Touchlink™ Control Station

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