The perfect vehicle to tackle the trickiest jobs

Our HPL-60 series standard-duty independent wrecker is the perfect vehicle to tackle even some of the trickiest jobs. Engineered for strength and unmatched mobility, you can choose from either a modular aluminum or fully welded steel body. The underlift has 5,000 lb. capacity at L-arms and T-37 grids are available. Recovery booms range from 8,000 – 24,000 lb. ratings with single and dual winch options available.

HPL-60 Features

The Aluminum Modular Construction Wrecker Body is Designed to Provide Years of Trouble-Free and Corrosion-Free Service.

Jerr-Dan’s Exclusive Self-Contained Recovery Boom is Hydraulically Actuated for Raise, Lower and Extend Functions.

Versatility and Flexibility Characterize the 6-Function Hydraulically Powered Jerr-Dan Underlift.

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