When you love the road, even the late shift is a great shift | For the Love of the Road

Life in the towing business is far from glamorous. It's dirty, often thankless work. The hours are long, and every job is a tall task. But day after day, night after night, you're out there in your Jerr-Dan taking care of business by taking care of people in need. So much of your life is spent in rescue and recovery, in fact, you can’t help but see life out there a little differently than most. You know exactly what you need out of a tow vehicle. It’s got to be tough. Reliable. And long-lasting. Which means, for you, it’s got to be a Jerr-Dan.

The ‘For The Love Of The Road’ Campaign

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It’s the passion that drives you, that keeps you going through rain and snow and makes every moment worthwhile. It’s a love of the road, through all the twists and turns. And for us at Jerr-Dan, it’s something worth sharing.

Meet JD

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His family has been in the business for generations, and now this miniature tow truck is following in their tire tracks. Ride along with JD on his educational adventures on the new Jerr-Dan Jr. interactive webpage.

'For The Love Of The Road’ Tow Tips

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Get the most out of your truck, and the most out of yourself as well. Longtime tow man Shane shares his practical advice for tackling the everyday challenges of the towing life. Check out the ‘For the Love of the Road’ Tow Tips blog.

‘For The Love Of The Road’ Screensaver

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Out on the blacktop or here on your desktop, the thrill of the open road is never far away. Download the Jerr-Dan ‘For the Love of the Road’ screensaver and stay connected to the life and landscapes you love.

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