TOWMANCE – A Labor of Love

TOWMANCE – A Labor of Love

A truck so easy to love you’ll have a hard time being apart

In your line of work, you and your truck will spend more of your waking hours together than most couples do. Dependable and ready for anything, a Jerr-Dan is everything you ever wanted in a tow truck and more. You’re both tough and reliable, so you’ll really learn to depend on one another – no matter what the circumstances.

You might even find, at the end of the day, that you’ll hate parting ways. So much so, in fact, you’ve been finding ways to invite your Jerr-Dan into your personal and recreational life, routinely hanging out and enjoying downtime together. It’s like a “bro-mance” of sorts, but with your truck.

We call it “Towmance,” and we completely understand. That’s why Jerr-Dans are built better than any other truck, with innovations like R.A.I.L. (Rear Awareness Indicator Lights) that will have your back through long nights on the job and rough patches of road. And you can forget about the high-maintenance truck relationships you’ve had in the past. This is a Jerr-Dan, so it’s a low-maintenance workaholic that’ll stick by your side for the long haul.

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