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Does Towing Run in Your Family?

A lot of us in the business were born into towing. Maybe your earliest childhood memory is getting to ride shotgun in Dad’s truck while he went out on a tow. It was cool. It was fun. And then you were hooked. You can probably remember family get-togethers with multiple trucks in the driveway. And some of those gatherings got interrupted by emergency calls. And everybody took it in stride because towing’s in your blood.

Jerr-Dan salutes our customers who are part of towing families. The people who spend more family time towing than just about anything else. Even if they’re not the ones driving the trucks, they are towing families.

Whether you’re in business together, or you just have multiple family members who have been Tow Pros, we feel like you’re our family too. After all, it’s people like yo who have kept Jerr-Dan rolling for generations.

We know towing is more of a lifestyle than a career. It’s who you are. And at Jerr-Dan, we share your values – the ones you pass down to your children: Hard work, dependability, being there when people need you.

Here’s to all you Tow Moms, Tow Dads, Tow Sisters and Tow Bros. You’re Jerr-Dan’s kind of people.

Have a great story or photo to share of your towing family? Jerr-Dan will be featuring stories and images of the greatest tow families all summer long. Click here for more details and to submit your memories.