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Get the most out of your truck, and the most out of yourself as well.

Life in the towing business is far from glamorous. Day after day, night after night, you’re out there in your Jerr-Dan taking care of business by taking care of people in need. Because you spend so much time in towing and recovery, you can sometimes forget to take care of yourself. But like your Jerr-Dan, you have to be tough and reliable. Our towing expert Shane has tips to keep you running as smooth as your Jerr-Dan, like how to stay healthy on the road. Shane has over 30 years in the industry and to date has logged over 93,000 working hours as a towing and recovery operator.

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Tow Tip:

You wouldn’t gas up your truck with garbage, so why would we feed our bodies junk? Eat a balanced diet of nutritious foods to perform your best on the job.