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NEW! Jerr-Dan S130 Extended Outriggers

S130 Outriggers increase wrecker boom lifting capacity by up to 30% and increase work area with over the front capability by 40%.

Jerr-Dan proudly introduced its S130 Outrigger option for the 50/60 Ton Rotator in November at the American Towman Exhibition.

The S130 Outrigger option provides an increased “over the side” wrecker boom lifting capacity of up to 30%compared to the S100.  We have also provided an “over the front” load chart for this option, which increases the working envelope by 40%.

Jerr-Dan’s S100 and S130 scissor style outrigger systems allow the truck to be leveled on uneven terrain. The S130 Outrigger system will level the truck on a maximum of a 7.5 degree slope (without cribbing) while providing the same 6 point platform as the S100 for greater rear and rear corner stability.

Both options also have a “Lock Out” pin system, which in combination with the claw feet, provide anchoring for side pull scenarios.

S130 Outriggers are now available on all 50/60 Ton Rotators.

S130 Outrigger Image 1 S130 Outrigger Image 2