Asked Questions

How do I get a quote for a Jerr-Dan truck?

Jerr-Dan products are sold exclusively through our nationwide authorized distributor network.  If you are ready to buy or just want more information about a specific unit, please see your nearest distributor who can be found here


What are my financing options on a Jerr-Dan truck?

Jerr-Dan has partnered with JDFS to help finance both new and used Jerr-Dan units. More information about JDFS and their flexible financing options can be found here


Does Jerr-Dan sell replacement parts for my Jerr-Dan trucks?

Authentic OEM Jerr-Dan parts and accessories are readily available exclusively through our nationwide distributor network.  Our distributors provide parts and service support to help keep your unit in top running condition. Locate the nearest distributor here.


How do I know if something is covered under warranty?

The Jerr-Dan warranty policy can be found here.  While warranty claims aren’t common, our distributor network is fully capable of supporting your warranty needs. When you contact your distributor, make sure to have your body serial number available. Please consult your operations manual for information on where to find the body serial number.


Where can I find an operations manual for an older model Jerr-Dan?

All current production operations, parts and supplemental manuals can be found here along with some non-current production. If you’re not finding the manual you’re looking for, please contact the customer support team here. Please have the body serial number available as well as any additional details of your make/model/year in your inquiry so that we can respond with the information you need.


Can a Jerr-Dan kit ship internationally to be mounted in-country?

Jerr-Dan light duty carrier and light duty wrecker kits can be shipped worldwide to an authorized Jerr-Dan partner.  Jerr-Dan heavy duty wreckers can be shipped either as a kit or factory-mounted.  Jerr-Dan rotators must be fully assembled and factory-mounted on a chassis prior to international delivery.  Please reach out to our team to help us better understand your preferred chassis. 


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please contact your nearest distributor or contact us here.