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Jerr والمعدات TOWING

وJerr دان, ونحن نفهم الأعمال القطر يمثل تحديا لا يصدق. لهذا السبب نحن نبني الشاحنات التي هي كما صعبة ويمكن الاعتماد عليها مثل الطرق المحاربين الذين تشغيلها. لذلك لا يهم ما يلقي الطريق إليك, لديك Jerr دان يمنحك كفاءة, حماية وحصى اللازمة لرعاية الأعمال التجارية.

جيري-والحلول المالية

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Jerr دان والتمويل ميزة قواها لتشكيل أول برنامج التمويل والتأجير Jerr-دان. تخصيص وخالية من المتاعب, Jerr دان الحلول المالية هو متجرك وقفة واحدة لعقود الإيجار وقروض على معدات Jerr دان.

حاسبة الأداء السحب

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خذ التخمين من عملية الإنشاء السيارة مع شركائنا حاسبة الأداء السحب.


خدمة السيارات ماجيل ل
السلطة الفلسطينية

منذ 2006 every new piece of equipment that we have bought has been built by Jerr-Dan. From our flatbeds to our rotators, we have always chosen their products over any other manufacturers due to their performance, دقة, and durability. In our vocation where our lives are literally on the thin white line", having to second guess your equipment is not an option. I can always count on my Jerr-Dan equipment to get the job done, and get me home safe at night.

جر ستوفر ل

Our family owned and operated business has been serving the West for 65 سنوات. We are a multi-generational business that loves the towing industry and community. We have from the beginning operated the other major competitive brands until fall of 2013. We decided it was time to upgrade our fleet. We presented the trucks that we needed to upgrade to both our local dealers; the Jerr-dan Dealer stepped up to the plate immediately to earn our business. The major factors that we were looking for were True TILT in our Heavies, Low Maintence, أداء, and immediate dealer service. We received the pitch on Jerr-Dan and the competitive products. We choose the Jerr-Dan brand and have been running them since and turning out our fleet to Jerr-Dan products. The first products we purchased were two 25 tons and 5 light duty trucks. They have continued to out preform our expectations. Then when it came time to upgrade our Rotator we were sure it would out preform what we were told ; it has. All the features we have looked for have been there and exceeded our expectation. Then to top our needs my local dealer with the support from Jerr-dan has SURPASSED all expectations with their service keeping our fleet running. We used to feel it didn’t matter the brand, if we continued to exchange our trucks for a major brands, we are now convinced that with the Jerr-dan brand we will be running for years to come with minimal exchange and repairs. Additionally as owners we have had 5 new drivers come in that are only familiar with the other brands of trucks and placed them in Jerr-Dan equipment and after 6 months of driving a Jerr-Dan they amazed at what they used to tow with a 50 tons they can do with a Jerr-Dan 35 أو 25 ton with ease; AND THEY LOVE THEM!!

جر ريل ل

جيري ومعداتنا لا يصدق. وقد ساعدت لنا لاتخاذ أعمالنا إلى مستوى أعلى. عندما نشتري سحب المعدات نشتري Jerr دان.

جر بيل

For many years now we have ran Jerr-Dan in our fleet. They build a strong reliable product, with a fleet of 20 trucks ranging from light, متوسط, heavy duty, to rotators all of witch are Jerr-Dan we couldn't ask for a better product. From sales, service to support Jerr-Dan has been there. Our Jerr-Dan's are built strong and reliable and have with stood everything we have thrown at them from highway work to the oil fields they stand strong, that's why we continue to expand and keep our customers coming back with reliable equipment we know we can get the job done.

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