Multi-Car Carriers

When time and distance matter and you need to get the most for your money, look no further than Jerr-Dan’s multi-car carriers. The aluminum 3/4-car carrier is more than 1,000 lbs. lighter than comparable multi-car carriers, keeping you compliant with weight laws while providing a full 20,000 lbs. of payload capacity. Additionally, our 28’ main deck multi-car carriers are under 40’ long and 8’ wide overall, making them compliant with all municipal and state laws. A 14’ upper deck length, main deck lengths up to 30’, dual main deck winches and multiple wheel lift options give these carriers the versatility to move as many as four cars at once to maximize your profits.

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2.5 Ton / 7.5 Ton Aluminum over Aluminum

Strength and economy

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2.5 Ton / 7.5 Ton Aluminum over Steel

Maximize the payload capacity without the penalty of excess body weight

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