Whether you’re looking for a vehicle to handle simple break-downs or something capable of doing heavy and complex recoveries, Jerr-Dan offers a wide range of standard, medium and heavy duty wreckers to meet the demands of your business.

With 50 years of industry-leading innovation behind us, you’ll know that your Jerr-Dan wrecker has been engineered to provide maximum power, quality and reliability—day and night, year in and year out.

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3O1A2204-Edit-Edit Standard-Duty Wreckers

Jerr-Dan offers a wide-range of standard duty wreckers that are ready to tackle everything from break-downs… Click for more information.

IMG_1647 edt Medium-Duty Wreckers

Whether you need to tow a Porche or a Peterbilt, Jerr-Dan’s 16 ton independent and integrated wreckers… Click for more information.

50-ton-integrated-heavy-duty-wrecker Heavy-Duty Wreckers

No job is too big for Jerr-Dan’s heavy duty wreckers, which range in size from 25- to 50-ton integrated… Click for more information.

HDUL 530 Heavy-Duty Retrievers

Jerr-Dan’s HDUL retrievers are built for your heavy duty towing needs with the added bonus of… Click for more information.

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