From the mid-70s to the late 90s, Jerr-Dan dedicated itself to providing a wider range of solutions for its customers as well as product innovations that would improve performance and reliability. A constant stream of substantive milestones were reached during this period. 

Jerr-Dan traveling axle trailer

In 1975, Jerr-Dan launched its own traveling axle trailer line in both 42- and 45-foot versions. The traveling axle design permits rear tires to slide forward so the bed can tilt to the ground, resulting in a more favorable loading angle.

At around this time, Jerr-Dan engineers took note of the fact that all the larger vehicle carriers were built of steel and the weight of all that steel was putting extra stress on the truck chassis. Obviously, reducing the weight and the stress would extend the usable life of the truck— a big benefit to carrier owners. After research and some experimentation, the company decided to use an aluminum alloy in its new carrier design. Using this material would also help control corrosion. In 1977, Jerr-Dan launched the first commercially built aluminum carrier in the industry.

With this early experience in improving and creating new solutions, Jerr-Dan was set to kick off the ‘80s with an emphasis on even more innovation and product creation.

Tune in for the next chapter of the Jerr-Dan story, as we analyze the next decade of our history.