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Before you tow, be in the know.
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That “custom” feature you’ve been looking for? There’s a good chance it’s already available as an optional upgrade on a new Jerr-Dan. Take a peek inside Jerr-Dan’s Towing & Recovery Product Manuals for the low-down on everything from product specs and chassis measurements to winch and SRS options to storage and accessories. Save time by viewing all your options in one place, and easily find the truck that fits your needs to a T.


Explore the Towing & Recovery and Industrial Carrier Product Manuals for specs, features, and accessories, plus optional upgrades and more information on Jerr-Dan Carriers.

Towing & Recovery Carrier Product Manual

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Industrial Carrier Product Manual

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Multi-Car Carrier Product Manual

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Standard Duty Wreckers

This is your guide to Jerr-Dan’s innovative yet intuitive line of Standard Duty Wreckers. Browse body types, vehicle specs, equipment options, and more to determine the best vehicle for you.

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Heavy Duty Wreckers

Explore the Heavy Duty Wrecker and JFB Storage Solutions Wrecker Manuals and know your next truck inside and out with an all-encompassing resource for specs, features, equipment options, and suggested configurations on 25- to 50-ton Jerr-Dan Wreckers.

Heavy Duty Wrecker Manual

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JFB Storage Solutions Wrecker Manual

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Discover the ins and outs of the Rotator that runs circles around the rest. The Jerr-Dan Rotator Product Manual is your guide to measurements and specs, plus accessories, storage, JFB Body Series packages, and other feature options.

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