Jerr-Dan Life | Meet JD

Tough and trustworthy runs in the family

JD is a junior tow truck. His dad is a tow truck, as was his grandfather and his great-grandfather. JD’s whole family is from Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and they’ve been rescuing vehicles for generations. JD can’t wait to hit the road and start working, and sometimes that gets him in over his headlamps. A few times JD has tried to rescue a vehicle only to have his dad come and rescue him!

Gator is Always Pulling For You

For the jobs that call for serious muscle, JD and the gang can always count on Gator the Rotator. When he rumbles on the scene, you know that everything is under control. Gator stays strong and steady when the going gets tough, reaching every which way to pull cars and trucks out of trouble. Get to know Gator the Rotator below and take his game for a spin!



JD may be Jerr-Dan’s tiniest truck, but he has a big heart under his little hood. As a kid car carrier, he hopes to one day grow up to do what the big Jerr-Dan trucks do, which is help out all sorts of cars that get stuck and need a pick-me-up. But for now, he’s trying to learn the rules of the road, and he could use your help. Play the games found on this page and help JD learn what it takes to be a tried and true tow truck.

Colorful Coworkers

JD will be working with trucks of all shapes and sizes. Help him learn about the different types of tow trucks.

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Can You See JD?

For JD to do his job, he has to drive all over the place. Sometimes he gets lost. Can you help find him?

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Go Tow To Tow

A tow pro knows every inch of their equipment and their customer’s. Can you spot what makes these machines different?

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Talk Like A Tow Driver

Tow drivers have a way with words. Help JD learn to talk tough when he’s on the job.

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