Don't forget, our very own Bob Nelson recently joined DJ Harrington and Darian Weaver in a new Tow Professional Magazine podcast to talk about the role #JerrDan plays in the towing and recovery industry.

“My name is Bob Nelson and I am the VP and General Manager of Jerr-Dan. I have been with Jerr-Dan as you mentioned, I started November of nineteen is when I came on board at the company and quickly went into the pandemic phase in twenty which, quite frankly, none of us saw coming and didn’t know how to manage. I have been fortunate enough to be with the Oshkosh Corporation, which owns Jerr-Dan, I started with them in 1998 working for the JLG segment, our construction equipment division of access as they call it in the Jerr-Dan/JLG landscape. I’ve been with the company now 23, going on 24, years and I am really excited about the opportunity to lead the Jerr-Dan team.”

Have a listen to the rest of the episode on your next drive here: