Hagerstown, MD (November 15, 2017) – Jerr-Dan Corporation, an Oshkosh Corporation Company (NYSE:OSK) and a single brand leader in the towing and recovery business, unveils its new character ‘Gator the Rotator’ at the 29th annual American Towman Exposition, taking place November 17-19 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

The new character was designed to continue to engage with the next generation of drivers to the family-oriented towing business by helping them gain an understanding of the industry at an early age. Instructional and yet entertaining, ‘Gator the Rotator’ is a miniature Jerr-Dan JFB rotator who now joins Jerr-Dan Junior (JD) as both friends continue to connect with children, specifically those of tow owners and operators.

“Gator the Rotator is the result of our ongoing effort and commitment to continue engaging with our brand advocates by allowing them to pass down their love of the industry to the next generation of towers – their kids,” said Jeff Irr, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Jerr-Dan. “Jerr-Dan Junior was launched at last year’s Baltimore Tow Show and this year, JD Junior is joined by his new friend ‘Gator the Rotator’ as both embark on road adventures and continue their long tradition of Jerr-Dan’s family first culture.”

The new Jerr-Dan ‘Gator the Rotator’ character will be introduced via an interactive children’s webpage – www.jerrdan.com/jerr-dan-junior – showing children the challenges real-life industry heroes face, and illustrate the hard work and commitment they bring to the job every day.

The current interactive website, full of activities with Jerr-Dan Junior, will now feature interactive adventures with ‘Gator the Rotator’ including the online game “Can you find Gator?” An energetic little tow truck, JD Junior is always trying to help his dad rescue vehicles. Although he’s a little too young and still learning the rules of the road, children will be able to help him get rid of his “training wheels” to become a full-sized tow truck in his family’s business. On the other hand, for the jobs that call for serious muscles, JD Junior and the gang can now count on ‘Gator the Rotator’ to come to the rescue. Gator stays strong and steady when the going gets tough, reaching every which way to pull cars and trucks out of trouble.

“We feel it is important to reach the families and drivers of tomorrow by engaging with the future drivers today and have them develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the industry,” said Irr. “Our goal is to continue to celebrate the families who make our business possible, while inspiring the next generation of the industry.”

Leading innovation and growth for the industry, Jerr-Dan takes a unique approach with this initiative, showing that tough and trustworthy runs in the families of the company and customers alike. Visit https://www.jerrdan.com/jerr-dan-life/jerr-dan-junior to meet Jerr-Dan’s newest character ‘Gator the Rotator’ and access the interactive online platform.

For more information on Jerr-Dan products visit the website at www.jerrdan.com.

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