50/60 Ton JFB Rotator
Storage, Power, Lift and Reach

The Jerr-Dan 50/60 Ton Rotator boasts an empowering combination of heavy-duty capabilities, superior stabilizing technology, commanding rotation, unsurpassed pulling capacity and unstoppable power. And now it’s available with the more impressive JFB Body Series.

Its extra-rugged, non-corrosive exterior is made of weather-tight, impact-resistant polypropylene—making it more durable and longer lasting. It features roll-up aluminum doors for swifter access to equipment, strategically placed LED lighting for improved visibility and specialty storage solutions to ensure every tool has its place.  The JFB Body Series is available for standard and twin steer chassis.

  • Independently Rubber Shock Mounted
  • Aluminum Roll-Up Doors with Painted or Brushed Finish
  • LED Interior Compartment & DOT Lighting
  • 26 Additional LED Side Marker Lights
  • 4 Additional Amber Side Strobes
  • Anti-Slip Top Surfaces with LED Lighted Steps and Grab Handles
  • Wide Variety of Tool Management Systems
  • Incident Management Equipment Kits and Storage Solutions
  • 267 in. C.T. 4 Axle Single Steer
  • 255 in. C.T. 4 Axle Single Steer
  • 255 in. C.T. 4 Axle Twin Steer
  • 274 in. C.T. 4 Axle Twin Steer
  • 255 in. C.T. 5 Axle Twin Steer
  • 274 in C.T. 5 Axle Twin Steer
  • Custom C.T. Upon Request

50/60 Ton JFB Rotator Features

Tow Light Storage & Charging Station

3 Stage Wrecker Boom

Driver & Passenger Side Control Panels

20K, 35K and 50K Drag Winch Options

(OPTIONAL) Dual 20k Auxiliary Winches

Wrecker Boom & Underlift Remote Controls (Standard) Rotator Only

(OPTIONAL) Tool Box with Locking Drawers

(OPTIONAL) Spreader Bar Storage
(OPTIONAL) Spreader Bar sold separately

(OPTIONAL) Snatch Block Storage & Sliding Chain Board sold separately
(OPTIONAL) Rigging sold separately

(OPTIONAL) Tilt-Down Drawer, Chain Carousel, Chain Binder & Stay-Dry Storage
(OPTIONAL) Rigging. Sold separately

(OPTIONAL) Tilt-Down Drawer, Chain Carousel, Chain Binder & Stay-Dry Storage
(OPTIONAL) Rigging sold separately

(OPTIONAL) Tilt-Down Drawers, Tire Lift, Traffic Cones, Cribbing, Ratchet, Broom & Shovel Storage
Tools and Equipment sold separately

(OPTIONAL) Rigging Carousel

Touchlink Control Station

Touchlink™ Control Station

(OPTIONAL) S100 or S130 Outriggers

(OPTIONAL) Twin Steer Chassis

(OPTIONAL) Tool & Rigging Kits sold separately


Burneau's Service Center, Inc.

"I brought my first Jerr-Dan Rotator about a year and a half ago. It has been trouble free and has performed better than promised. I would recommend to anyone thinking of buying a Rotator to purchase a Jerr-Dan."

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