Add accessories to your Jerr-Dan truck

Accessory options for your tow truck

Jerr-Dan offers a diverse collection of accessories that will help you get the job done. Add any of these top-quality options to your fleet.


The XLP Carrier Autogrid Option allows you to quickly and easily hook to a car without installing L-Arms manually.

Engineered with the operator in mind, the grid design offers a 3,500 lb. rating and can rotate 90 degrees. The grid center drop area is designed to provide better support for tires, and the center detent helps prevent unintended crossbar swing during hook-up.



Increased Awareness While Loading

Jerr-Dan's exclusive Rear Awareness Indicator Lights provide increased rear visibility and keep you safely in sight. The LED technology cuts through dark, fog, rain or traffic, allowing you to work in confidence. 
Side Recovery System
With the Jerr-Dan Side Recovery System, any job is in your wheelhouse. It can pull from multiple angles — side or rear. And its Recovery Boom pivots to allow recovery from either side.
Now your carrier can work twice as hard, so you don’t have to.
Heavy Duty SRS
With the Jerr-Dan Side Recovery System for heavy-duty wreckers, we’ve pulled out all the stops. It’s capable of pulling at multiple angles – forward, sideways and rearward. And its recovery boom pivots to allow recovery from either side. So when you and your wrecker roll up, there’s simply no getting around it.